Project Discontinued

This project is no longer actively maintained. If you would like to take over maintainership, contact me.

23.04.2001 - Status update

Due to lack of hacking time, the project has been largely inactive for quite some time now. Meanwhile it has become clear that a redesign and partial rewrite of gChartman is inevitable if this software is ever to evolve any further. The current design is just plain broken, and will be abandoned for a much more clean and object-oriented design. Design documents will be made available as they are created. Please send comments/flames to the developer mailing list for public discussion.

Thanks for your patience.

23.04.2001 - gChartman site

The gChartman site is now part of the "Technical Analysis Software" WebRing. The WebRing navigation bar can be found at the bottom of this page.

11.01.2001 - Source Code now in CVS

The source code to gChartman is now also available from CVS. The module name for it is gchartman. Information on how to access cvs can be found here.