Global and local configurations

You can save the chart configuration that you created in two different places: As a global configuration that can be applied to any stock, or as a local configuration that can be applied only to the stock it has been saved for. Usually you will create a global configuration first, using moving averages for example, then add trendlines and channels to it and save it as a local configuration.

Modular chart interface

Every element of a chart is created by a chart module. This allows for easy addition of new modules. Currently included are:

- Moving Average
- RSI (Relative Strength Index)
- Momentum
- Buy/Sell (let's you display your orders)
- Trendline (user positionable)
- Comment (directly on the chart)
- Channel (user positionable)

Reliable videotext interpreting

Never lose quotes again! In case of errors in videotext pages, gChartman asks you to correct the faulty data. You are also notified if a new stock appears. gChartman is (to a certain degree) immune to videotext layout changes.


Categories allow you to manage your stocks efficiently. You can easily put all the stocks from one videotext page into a category that is appropriate for them.

Free quote retrieval through videotext

For now this is the only way of getting Quotes. You need to have a TV tuner card supported by bttv and the alevt-cap program which is distributed with alevt.