At this time, gChartman only supports videotext quote retrieval. Thus, you need to have a TV tuner card supported by bttv. You also need the alevt-cap program which is distributed with alevt. You need to have a MySQL server near you, either remotely (discouraged) or locally. From MySQL you also need the mysqlclient-library. On the MySQL server you need the privileges to create databases and to create / drop / update / delete / insert tables. Summarized, you need at least:

- libmysqlclient (from MySQL 3.22.25)
- Gtk+ 1.2.0
- Glib+ 1.2.0
- Gnome-libs 1.2.0
- libglade
- libxml2-2.2.7


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This is a small database with some data you can use to test the program. The README contained in the tar-file has instructions on how to install it.